Case Studies

Non Profit achieves 36% response rate to direct mail campaign.


The Reno type uses promotional products on purpose -- to achieve a result. When local non profit organization Project Great Outdoors wanted a way to re-engage inactive volunteers, they turned to Reno Type.

The challenge.
Project GO has trained over 300 volunteer river guides and ropes course facilitators over the last 15 years. High current demand for their programs required more volunteers than were currently engaged. Previous attempts by email and ordinary direct mail failed to move the needle. In fact, a recent campaign to drive volunteers to a survey website had only generated four responses.

The plan.
Send an inexpensive insulated coffee cup to volunteers along with the message "Wake up! It's GO time." The cup had to be inexpensive as Project GO has a tiny budget and also as it was important to avoid the impression that the organization was squandering resources. By mailing a parcel in a box, it was anticipated that the vast majority of recipients would actually notice and open the package.

A little over 200 parcels were prepared and addressed (all volunteers with valid addresses), and two versions of the inserted brochure were prepared: one for river guides, and one for ropes course facilitators. Those with bad addresses were emailed a photo of the mug, and infomed that if they updated their mailing address, we'd send them their own mug.

The results.
209 pieces were sent by mail, and an additional 92 emails were sent to those without valid delivery addresses. The net result was 71 unique survey responses, a 36% response. In addition 45 individuals updated their address information.

In 2015 thus far, Project GO has served more youth than in a similar period in the last 10 years, and far more volunteers have been engaged  than at any time once 2011. 

The lesson.
Imprinted promotional products can be incredibly effective when used as part of a strategy to achieve a result. Most people get promotional items just to have promotional items. They are "giveaways" without any reason for being. Instead of asking yourself "what imprinted product would I like to give away?" ask yourself "What's the biggest problem I face in my day-to-day operations?" and then call Reno Type at (775) 852-8800 and describe that problem. Very likely we can come up with a cost effective promotion that will get results. It sure world that way for Project Great Outdoors!


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