About Us

Reno Typographers, northern Nevada's leading print shop and advertising specialty provider is proud to support the "I'm the Reno type" movement. We are the Reno Type. Are you?

Are you the Reno Type?

When a clueless blogger fires off a vitriolic, superficial rant on Reno, the Reno type smiles. His hackles don't bristle and his nostrils don't flare because he's intimate with the local nooks, crannies, cafe's and trailheads that run against the words of the naysayer.

He knows the secrets of the city and the lakes and lands beyond and gets on with living life in the place he proudly calls home -- a place that's recreationally, culturally and professionally rich,

The Reno type accepts that Reno isn't San Francisco or Vegas or Portland. At the same time, he's thankful that Reno isn't San Francisco or Vegas or Portland. It's simply Reno. Cowlicks and all.

And for some, while it may be tragically unhip to fall victim to a spontaneous wave from an anonymous passerby, the Reno type simply takes it in stride and fires a wave right back,

The Reno type lives here by choice, supports the business endeavors of neighbors and colleagues and is content knowing that the glancing outside perceptions of the uninformed and unimaginative are a far cry from the realities that make Reno his type of place.